Pop-ups after the game player.

Questions to client

How do you want the board to look?

- Yes, I want to see the entire board games.

Do you want the game to be 1 player or 2 player?

- Well, maybe it would be cool if you could adjust the number of players from one to two.

If 1 player, do you want the computer to be easy or hard to beat?

- Certainly better if the computer will surpass me, because it will be just interesting.

Do you want any sounds in the game?

- No Music prevents concentration, but classical music I like to listen if the settings you can Pop-ups after the game player. turn off the sound and melody.

Do you want pop up messages for errors?


How often do you want to be updated with progress?

- Once every three weeks updated of the progress enough.

What style do you prefer?

a) Classical (white and dark)

b) Historical (with cracked board and checkers)

c) Children’s (board with little animals inhabitants of the land and sea)

d) Technical

-I choose Classical style.

Prototype of the game of checkers before shown to customer.

Initial design of the game:

· Classic style (black and white board)

· 24 drafts (12 white and 12 black)

Prototype of the game of checkers after the Pop-ups after the game player. customer feedback.

Changes of the client:

1. The board of black and white into a blue-gray.

2. The figures of bulk turned into ordinary.

3. The boards were removed from the numbers and letters that were on a path.

Instruction: Electronic game is no different from a real game of checkers.

The first move is white figures. Then the players play until one of them wins.

Pop-ups after the game player.

YOU WIN!!! Congratulation*)

Initialization of variables
Entrance to the graphics mode
Initialization “mouse”
Initialization position figures
Get condition of the “mouse”
Selected own figure Pop-ups after the game player.
Select second coordinate
Motion is possible
Implementation of motion of user
Calculation of motion by a computer
Analysis of situation on a board
Won hand



А warning message about the end of the game

Expectation of button press

Exit from the graphics mode


Calculation of motion by a computer

Pseudo code

Документ Pop-ups after the game player.